Roman Numerals Bingo - Free Maths Lesson, Printable Bingo Boards and very colourful

Roman Numerals Bingo

roman numerals bingo roman numerals bingo

Roman Numerals Bingo

Ten Bingo boards covering the Roman numerals 1 to 100 ( I to C) Ideal for adding a little fun to practicing converting our number system to Roman numerals.


How to Play:

1. Decide on the pattern to be played for eg the winner is the first person to get the whole B row.

Other Possibilities:

- First person to spell the word BINGO on any row.
- Spell BINGO on top row etc
- Each letter vertically
- First person to get diagonal row bottom right to top left
- First person to get diagonal row top right to bottom left
- Four corner squares and the centre square
- For a longer game go with two intersecting lines.
- Students suggest patterns.

Trap for Young Players - Beware playing the game to cover the whole board. It takes way too long and the chances of an error are very high. In this case a quick game is a good game.

2. A caller reads a random number from the hundreds chart and crosses it off. The students find the equivalent Roman numeral on their board and place a counter on it. The first player to achieve the decided upon pattern and call out BINGO is the winner.

Hint - Assign a student to check if the card is correct and continue the next game to ensure continuity.

Free Printables for Roman Numeral Bingo

Roman Numerals Bingo Variations:

- play the game in pairs (this is my preference as the discussion is so valuable)
- give the initial numbers in the form of an algorithm eg 17 - 9 =

Roman Numerals BingoRoman Numerals Bingo
(10 printable bingo boards covering the Roman numerals 1-100)
(Acrobat Version = 1.4 Meg) <---- but well worth the wait ;-)

roman numerals bingo roman numerals bingo

roman numerals roman numerals


Roman Numerals


roman numerals roman numerals