Roman Numerals Chart Bookmark - Mnemonic Strategies for Remembering the Roman Numeral Values

roman numerals bookmark chart

roman numerals bookmark roman numerals bookmark

Roman Numerals Chart, Bookmark or Mnemonic :-)

This resource is designed to be printed out as a bookmark for your students to aid them in remembering the Roman numbers.

What is a 'mnemonic'? (pronounced - nem - on - ic)

A mnemonic is a sentence designed to aid memory. Mnemonics often involve using the first letter of each word to trigger a memory.

In the case of Roman numerals many people use the mnemonic, 'I Value XylophonesLike Cows Do Milk' to remember the Roman numerals in ascending order.

I = 1, Value = 5, Xylophones = 10, L = 50, Cows = 1000, D = 500, Milk = 1000

The mnemonic used on the bookmark above is, in ascending order, 'I View X-rays' where I = 1, V = 5 & X = 10 and 'Lucky Cows Drink Milk' where -
L = 50, C = 100, D =500 & M=1000

Roman Numerals Bookmark ChartRoman Numerals Bookmark (Acrobat)

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roman numerals roman numerals


Roman Numerals


roman numerals roman numerals