Roman Numerals Crossword Puzzle - Strategies for Subtracting 8 and 9 - Free and Printable

Roman Numerals Crossword Puzzle

roman numerals crossword puzzle roman numerals crossword puzzle

Roman Numerals Crossword Puzzle
(Strategies for Subtracting 8 and 9)

Before You Start:

- Discuss - 'Counting backwards when subtracting 8 and 9 is an accurate strategy, but it is very inefficient.' What does this mean?
- How could we test if it is quicker to use a strategy to solve problems involving the subtraction of 8 and 9 than counting backwards?
- Devise and carry out a scientific investigation which proves or disproves using strategies is more efficient that counting backwards on your fingers. Be sure to use adults as well as children. A graph will definitely help.
- Under stress people revert back to what they know best. If you are in an exam you will go back to fingers because it is what you know. How can you avoid this? Discuss.

Using this Crossword Puzzle:

- This is designed as a paired collaborative task involving lots of discussion, lots of arguement, exploration of strategies, failing, succeeding and constructing knowledge.

Ways This Resource is Not to Be Used:

- as an end of unit test
- as homework with no input

- as pointless busy work
- as a sit down, shut up and do your worksheet activity :(
- rah, rah, rah

Roman Numerals Crossword PuzzleRoman Numerals Crossword Puzzle(Acrobat)

roman numerals lessons roman numerals lessons

roman numerals roman numerals


Roman Numerals


roman numerals roman numerals