Roman Numerals Dice Game - Highest Number Lowest Number

Roman Numerals Dice Game

roman numerals dice game roman numerals dice game

Roman Numerals Dice Games
(one die... lots of dice)


Take any game you play in your classroom and substitute the 'normal' dice with a Roman Numerals one. This will give you the oportunity to practice Roman numerals and have a bit of fun at the same time.

Roman Numerals Game - Highest Number Lowest Number

What you need:

2 players
4 roman numerals dice
2 sheets of paper for 'working out' and scoring
2 pencils

How to Play:

1. Two players sit side by side or facing.
2. Player one throws all 4 dice
3. Player one must keep 3 dice and may choose one of the dice to throw again if they desire to.
4. Player one writes down the Roman numeral made by adding all four dice and converts it to the Hindu Arabic (our number system)
5. Player two then does Steps 2, 3 & 4.
6. Compare numbers. The player with the highest number wins.
7. Use a tally system to record the winner of each round. First player to win 5 rounds is declared the winner of the game.


- Play for the lowest number
- Play for the number closest to a given number eg 520
- Alternate throws between highest number and lowest number.

- Have students create their own rules.

Roman Numerals DiceRoman Numerals Die (Numbers 1 to 6 acrobat)

Roman Numerals DiceRoman Numerals Dice Game - Highest Number Lowest Number

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roman numerals roman numerals


Roman Numerals


roman numerals roman numerals